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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: getpid() returning same value as getppid()
    On Wed 26-05-10 11:16:51, Nick Bowler wrote:
    > On 16:45 Wed 26 May , S?bastien Paumier wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > > here is a bug that occurs on my kernel 2.6.31-21, maybe with older ones.
    > > If a C program contains a function with the constructor attribute that
    > > calls getpid(), then, a call to syscall(SYS_fork) produces a son that
    > > obtains the same value calling getpid() or getppid().
    > The GNU C library caches the results of getpid, which is probably the
    > cause of your grief. This cache relies on the glibc wrappers for fork
    > and friends, which you have bypassed by using syscall directly.

    man page for getpid states that explicitly:
    Since glibc version 2.3.4, the glibc wrapper function for
    getpid() caches PIDs, so as to avoid additional system calls when
    a process calls getpid() repeatedly. Normally this caching is
    invisible, but its correct operation relies on support in the
    wrapper functions for fork(2), vfork(2), and clone(2):
    if an application bypasses the glibc wrappers for these system
    calls by using syscall(2), then a call to getpid() in the child
    will return the wrong value (to be precise: it will return the
    PID of the parent process). See also clone(2) for discussion
    of a case where getpid() may return the wrong value even when
    invoking clone(2) via the glibc wrapper function.

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