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    SubjectRe: Overview of concurrency managed workqueue
    > I see.  The thing is that if you have "as soon as possible" + "high
    > priority", you're basically required to have a dedicated worker or
    > dedicated pool of them. Making cmwq to support some level of priority
    > definitely is possible (multiple prioritized queues or pushing work at
    > the front at the simplest) but for such emergency works it doesn't
    > make sense to share the usual worker pool, as resource pressure can
    > easily make any work wait regardless of where they're in the queue.

    I think it's reasonable to just put on front. The individual
    items shouldn't take that long, right?

    (in fact I have an older patch for work queues which implemented

    > If there are multiple of such use cases, it would make sense to create
    > a prioritized worker pools along with prioritized per-cpu queues but
    > if there are only a few of them, I think it makes more sense to use
    > dedicated threads for them. Do those threads need to be per-cpu?

    Not strictly, although it might be useful on a error flood when
    a whole DIMM goes bad.


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