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    SubjectRe: bnx2 fails to compile on parisc because of missing get_dma_ops()
    Paul Mundt wrote:

    > On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 08:53:57PM -0700, Michael Chan wrote:
    > > If sync_single is not defined, that means the CPU has a consistent
    > > view of next_rx_buf and so it makes sense to prefetch it.
    > >
    > Except that's not a valid assertion, there are platforms that
    > implement
    > it for sanity checks yet still have consistent DMA. You are making
    > inherently non-portable assumptions for a PCI driver, which is a good
    > example of why drivers should never be side-stepping the API
    > in the first
    > place. If you want to have a micro-optimization for the consistent DMA
    > case, you can check dma_is_consistent(), which is part of the API and
    > will be variable on certain platform configurations (ie, some may be
    > consistent with PCI but not on other busses, etc.)

    Thanks for the tip. I didn't know about the dma_is_consistent() API.
    I'll use this to fix it then.

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