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SubjectRe: Hardware Error Kernel Mini-Summit

> Could you maybe give me an example from the board of your choosing
> of a DMI table print out, explain the format and then show how to use it?

The only requirement the current mcelog parser has is
(that is what it actually uses, it parses more things but I abandoned

- List of DIMMs (type 17)
- It's useful if they have the correct size for display to the user.
- Correct serial/part numbers/manufacturer are also useful (for display), but
not strictly required.
- Locator should match the silk screen label of the DIMM on the board
- Bank Locator is in the format prefix_Node%u_Channel%u_Dimm%u
prefix can be arbitary, but should not contain '_'
Node matching SOCKETID coming from CPU, Channel matching Channel, Dimm
matching Dimm number from CPU.
This requirement is the only extension over the standard.


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