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    SubjectRe: uninterruptible CLONE_VFORK (Was: oom: Make coredump interruptible)
    On 06/13, Roland McGrath wrote:
    > > Oh. And another problem, vfork() is not interruptible too. This means
    > > that the user can hide the memory hog from oom-killer.
    > I'm not sure there is really any danger like that, because of the
    > oom_kill_process "Try to kill a child first" logic.

    But note that oom_kill_process() doesn't kill the children with the
    same ->mm. I never understood this code.

    Anyway I agree. Even if I am right, this is not very serious problem
    from oom-kill pov. To me, the uninterruptible CLONE_VFORK is bad by

    > > But let's forget about oom.
    > Sure, but it reminds me to mention that vfork mm sharing is another reason
    > that having oom_kill set some persistent state in the mm seems wrong.

    Yes, yes, this was already discussed a bit. Only if the core dump is in
    progress we can touch ->mm or (probably better but needs a bit more locking)
    mm->core_state to signal the coredumping thread and (perhaps) for something

    > > Roland, any reason it should be uninterruptible? This doesn't look good
    > > in any case. Perhaps the pseudo-patch below makes sense?
    > I've long thought that we should make a vfork parent SIGKILL-able.

    Good ;)

    > (Of
    > course the vfork wait can't be made interruptible by other signals, since
    > it must never do anything userish

    Yes sure. That is why wait_for_completion_killable(), not _interrutpible.
    But I assume you didn't mean that only SIGKILL should interrupt the
    parent, any sig_fatal() signal should.

    > I don't know off hand of any problem with your
    > straightforward change. But I don't have much confidence that there isn't
    > any strange gotcha waiting there due to some other kind of implicit
    > assumption about vfork parent blocks that we are overlooking at the moment.
    > So I wouldn't change this without more thorough auditing and thinking about
    > everything related to vfork.

    Agreed. This needs auditing. And CLONE_VFORK can be used with/without all
    other CLONE_ flags... Probably we should mostly worry about vfork ==

    Anyway. ->vfork_done is per-thread. This means that without any changes
    do_fork(CLONE_VFORK) can return (to user-mode) before the child's thread
    group exits/execs. Perhaps this means we shouldn't worry too much.

    > Personally, what I've really been interested in is changing the vfork wait
    > to use some different kind of blocking entirely. My real motivation for
    > that is to let a vfork wait be morphed into and out of TASK_TRACED,

    I see. I never thought about this, but I think you are right.

    Hmm. Even without debugger, the parent doesn't react to SIGSTOP. Say,

    int main(voif)
    if (!vfork())

    and ^Z won't work obviously. Not good.

    This is not trivail I guess. Needs thinking...


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