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    SubjectRe: Hardcore trashing without any swap
    On Fri, 11 Jun 2010 02:10:33 +0200
    László Monda <> wrote:

    > Hi List,
    > The problem I'm facing with is very simple, yet extremely irritating
    > in nature. I have a laptop with 4G RAM and I don't use any swap.
    > Whenever the RAM is full my system keeps trashing. This makes X and
    > SSH completely unresponsive for about a hour then a bunch of processes
    > gets killed and it's usable again.
    > How is possible that my system is trashing even though I don't use any swap?

    Because you don't have any swap. Its having to dump stuff it doesn't want
    to like bits of applications that it can retrieve back from disk.

    > I'd expect the kernel to immediately kill the largest process without
    > any trashing so I could continue my work right after the event. How
    > is it possible to configure?

    It isn't.

    However if you want to avoid overcommit and thrashing play with

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