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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fs: run emergency remount on dedicated workqueue

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Please, always quote the patch title rather than a bare commit ID. The
> usual form is
> fa4b9074cd8428958c2adf9dc0c831f46e27c193 ("buffer: make
> invalidate_bdev() drain all percpu LRU add caches:)
> The main reason for this is so that people can more reliably and simply
> identify the patch within a different tree. I think.

Absolutely. Also, I think it's usually more readable to quote just the
first 12 hex digits of the SHA1 - that's still going to be perfectly
unique in any practical situation, and makes it way easier to flow the
text to be readable.

> gaah. Do we really want to add Yet Another Kernel Thread just for that
> dopey sysrq-U thing?

I do have to agree that it's disgusting. Can't we use an existing thread
(slow-work?) or something like that?


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