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    Subject[PATCH -v14 00/22] Use lmb with x86
    the new lmb could be used to replace early_res in x86.

    Suggested by: David, Ben, and Thomas

    -v6: change sequence as requested by Thomas
    -v7: seperate them to more patches
    -v8: add boundary checking to make sure not free partial page.
    -v9: use lmb_debug to control print out of reserve_lmb.
    add e820 clean up, and e820 become __initdata
    -v10:use lmb.rmo_size and ARCH_DISCARD_LMB according to Michael
    change name to lmb_find_area/reserve_lmb_area/free_lmb_area,
    according to Michael
    update find_lmb_area to use __lmb_alloc_base according to ben
    -v11:move find_lmb_area_size back to x86.
    x86 has own find_lmb_area, and could be disabled by ARCH_LMB_FIND_AREA
    because _lmb_find_base has different behavoir from x86's old one.
    one from high to high and one from low to high
    need more test
    tested for x86 32bit/64bit, numa/nonuma, nobootmem/bootmem.
    -v12:refresh the series with current tip
    seperate nobootmem.c, so could remove some #ifdef
    still keep CONFIG_NO_BOOTMEM, in x86 .c, and could use the as tags
    so other lmb could refer them to use NO_BOOTMEM.

    -v14:refresh to current tip

    -v15:remove x86 version lmb_find_area
    remove other nobootmem and x86 e820 from this patchset

    Only first three patches in this set could affect original lmb users.
    lmb.c lines from 567 to 996
    If lmb guys are still not happy, we could move that 360 lines to arch/x86/mm/lmb.c

    still hope Ben could do lmb clean up on top of this patchset.



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