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    SubjectRe: [linux-pm] [PATCH 1/8] PM: Add suspend block api.
    * Matthew Garrett <> [100507 13:24]:
    > On Fri, May 07, 2010 at 12:55:48PM -0700, Tony Lindgren wrote:
    > > - Deal with broken apps whichever way you want in the userspace.
    > If we could do this then there would be no real need for suspend
    > blockers.

    OK, I guess I don't understand all the details, need some kind
    of common example I guess.

    So for example, if I leave ping running in a a terminal, do you
    have some way of preventing that from eating the battery?

    In my scenario that program would keep on running until the
    battery runs out, or something stops the program. But the system
    keeps hitting retention mode in the idle loop.

    How do you deal with programs like that?

    Do you just suspend the whole system anyways at some point,
    or do you have some other trick?



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