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    SubjectRe: kernel BUG in iwl-agn-rs.c:2076, WAS: iwlagn + some accesspoint == hardlock
    Hi Christian,

    On Thu, 2010-05-06 at 02:14 -0700, Christian Borntraeger wrote:
    > Am Montag 03 Mai 2010 21:22:19 schrieb John W. Linville:
    > > > /* Sanity-check TPT calculations */
    > > > BUG_ON(window->average_tpt != ((window->success_ratio *
    > > > tbl->expected_tpt[index] + 64) / 128));
    > >
    > > Interestingly enough, we have been discussing this line of code today. Could you try the patch here?
    > >
    > >
    > I also see a hard lockup some time after connection to my companies
    > wireless network. My private network does not seem to trigger that bug.
    > Unfortunately the kernel is not able to switch back graphics, so I
    > cannot tell if I see the same BUG - even if the problem description is
    > the same.

    It will be hard to debug this without some logs. Can you perhaps run
    with netconsole for a while? Is it possible to trigger this when not in
    X to be able to get some information about where issue is?

    > For reference, the patch above does not help on my T61p.
    > It started soon after 2.6.34-rc4. Before and with rc4 I had to
    > apply this patch to avoid
    > the other crash. With only this patch on top of rc4 everything seemed to
    > work fine, so the lockup seems to be triggered by one of the other patches.
    > Sometimes it takes some minutes to crash, which makes it hard to bisect
    > the problem.

    Below seven iwlwifi patches were added after rc4. If you are unable to
    bisect ... perhaps you can run a while by reverting more and more from
    this list?

    f2fa1b015e9c199e45c836c769d94db595150731 iwlwifi: correct 6000 EEPROM regulatory address
    88be026490ed89c2ffead81a52531fbac5507e01 iwlwifi: fix scan races
    8b9fce77737ae9983f61ec56cd53f52fb738b2c7 iwlwifi: work around bogus active chains detection
    ece6444c2fe80dab679beb5f0d58b091f1933b00 iwlwifi: need check for valid qos packet before free
    de0f60ea94e132c858caa64a44b2012e1e8580b0 iwlwifi: avoid Tx queue memory allocation in interface down
    04f2dec1c3d375c4072613880f28f43b66524876 iwlwifi: use consistent table for tx data collect
    dd48744964296b5713032ea1d66eb9e3d990e287 iwlwifi: fix DMA allocation warnings


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