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SubjectRE: What happened to mount option "noextents"

> Basically, since we couldn't think of a good use case where the mount
> options made sense, and ext4 has way too many mount options already, we
> decided to remove them.

The ext2/3 Windows driver doesn't support extents yet so one common use would be to do a mount -o remount,noextents and make a dir and copy the files you want to read from Windows to it. I think mount -o remount is something that is well known, if you use tune2fs you would need to do research before you know if the change starts working right a way or after a reboot or if it is valid only until reboot or is static, with mount -o remount there is no risk that you forget to set the flag back to the right value.

Also when I tryed tune2fs as you said, I got the following error message:

peter@sanna:~$ sudo tune2fs -O ^extents /dev/mapper/sannavg-home
tune2fs 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009)
Clearing filesystem feature 'extent' not supported.

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