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    SubjectLinux 2.6.35-rc1

    It's been two weeks, and so the merge window is closed. There may be a few
    trees I haven't pulled yet, but the bulk should all be there. And please,
    let's try to make the merge window mean something this time - don't send
    me any new pull request unless they are for real regressions or for major
    bugs, ok?

    This time, there are no new filesystems (surprise surprise), but there's
    certainly been filesystem work both on an individual FS layer (btrfs,
    cept, cifs, ext4, nfs, ocfs2 and xfs) and at the VFS layer (superblock
    and quota cleanups in particular).

    But as usual, the bulk of the changes are in drivers. About two thirds of
    all the changes, to be exact. infiniband, networking and staging drivers
    are the bulk of it, but there's changes all over (drm, sound, media, usb,
    input layer, you name it).

    And what's good to see is that we continue to have very healthy
    statistics. About 8500 commits (of which 400+ are merges), with about a
    thousand individual developers involved (git counts 1047, but some of them
    are bound to be duplicates due to people mis-spelling their names etc).
    It's skewed, of course - with the median number of commits per person
    being just three - but I think that's what we want to see in a healthy
    development environment.


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