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Subject[BUG] kacpi_notify goes into an infinite loop (luckly it calls cond_resched)
I just replaced Windows with F12 on my wife's computer, to have nothing
but issues. But anyway, one of the issues I had on this box was in
vanilla linux kernel 2.6.34 (all the fedora kernels had other issues),
the kacpi_notify would go into an infinite loop.

I debugged it a bit with ftrace and saw that the kacpi_notify workqueue
was constantly requeuing itself (thanks to the workqueue trace events).

I bisected this, and it came down to this change:

commit fa80945269f312bc609e8384302f58b03c916e12
Author: Thomas Renninger <>
Date: Sat Feb 20 11:44:27 2010 +0100

ACPI thermal: Don't invalidate thermal zone if critical trip point is bad

I checked out 2.6.34 again, and reverted this patch, and the problem
went away.

The box is an old Compaq Presario that I bought in 2003 or 2004.

-- Steve

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