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    SubjectRe: [linux-pm] [PATCH 0/8] Suspend block api (version 8)
    > No, it's not. Forced suspend may be in response to hitting a key, but it 

    You are the only person here talking about 'forced' suspends. The rest of
    us are talking about idling down and ensuring we are always in a state we
    un-idle correctly.

    > may also be in response to a 30 minute timeout expiring. If I get a WoL
    > packet in the 0.5 of a second between userspace deciding to suspend and
    > actually doing so, the system shouldn't suspend.

    I don't think that argument holds water in the form you have it

    What about 5 nanoseconds before you suspend. Now you can't do that (laws
    of physics and stuff).

    So your position would seem to be "we have a race but can debate how big
    is permissible"

    The usual model is

    "At no point should we be in a position when entering a suspend style
    deep sleep where we neither abort the suspend, nor commit to a
    suspend/resume sequence if the events we care about occur"

    and that is why the hardware model is

    Set wake flags
    Check if idle
    If idle
    Clear wake flags

    and the wake flags guarantee that an event at any point after the wake
    flags are set until they are cleared will cause a suspend to be resumed,
    possibly immediately after the suspend.


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