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SubjectRe: [linux-pm] [PATCH 0/8] Suspend block api (version 8)
> > So PCs with current ACPI don't get opportunistic suspend capability. It
> > probably won't be supported on the Commodore Amiga either - your point ?
> Actually, the reverse - there's no terribly good way to make PCs work
> with scheduler-based suspend, but there's no reason why they wouldn't
> work with the current opportunistic suspend implementation.

If one works so does the other.

> In some cases, not all. It may be a latency constraint (in which case
> pm_qos is an appropriate mechanism), but instead it may be something
> like "A key was pressed but never read" or "A network packet was
> received but not delivered". These don't fit into the pm_qos model, but
> it's state that you have to track.

I never mentioned pm_qos, just latency *and* knowing what suspend states
are acceptable. You need both.


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