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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Enlarge the storage of chars in virtual terminal

> It is a lot more. Things like arabic vowel handling for example, or
> mixed direction text.
> Pango does the job. Pango is the wheel.
I may haven't represent my idea clearly. No one wishes that fbcon can
do as good as pango. The important thing is, question marks have no
information, but scripts which may have placement issues have as
much information as the one rendered by pango.

> Kernel code is unpageable, privileged and unable to doing things
> trivially like dynamic font management. It's the wrong place for this
> kind of stuff because doing fonts right and especially doing language
> rendering right is *hard*.
Umm... maybe use bitblit instead of render is better? The current
mainline kernel already has features of font replacing, utf-8 decoding,
and "wide" char identification. Plenty of utf-8 bitmap fonts disperse on
the world, they just have more than 512 glyphs so vt cannot handle them,
Trust me, It's nothing more than provide a larger storage.

Thanks for reply.

Frank Pan

Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University

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