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    SubjectNo mixers on ATI RS780 Azalia

    I have here a Samsung 320MXn2 monitor/mainboard (typical x86_64
    environment) where I cannot get sound output to the internal speakers

    To start, there seem to be two sound cards:

    lspci/lspci -n:
    00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)
    01:05.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc RS780 Azalia controller
    00:14.2 0403: 1002:4383
    01:05.1 0403: 1002:960f

    0 [SB ]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB
    HDA ATI SB at 0xf0500000 irq 16
    1 [HDMI]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI
    HDA ATI HDMI at 0xf0110000 irq 19

    The soundcard responsible for the internal speaker is the 01:05.1/"HDMI"

    Under Windows XP, I see the following mixer elements for it:

    * Master Volume
    * Wave
    * SW Synth
    * CD Player

    Subsequently, there is sound (once I bump the volumes on these).

    However, in Linux up to including 2.6.34, I only see a single mixer

    * IEC958/S/PDIF

    mplayer etc. all successfully write to the device, but since there are
    not any further mixer controls, I can't unmute the essential channels.

    alsa-utils is version 1.0.21, from openSUSE 11.2 x86_64.

    Any help is appreciated.


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