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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] - TCM/LIO v3.4.0
    Greetings all,

    I am happy to announce that the v3.4.0 stable release of TCM/LIO has
    been tagged and branched into lio-core-2.6.git/lio-3.4. This release is
    now tracking upstream linux-2.6.34.y.git for future stable kernel

    There where a number changes during the 3.4 development cycle to
    TCM-Core to handle multi-fabric persistent reservations with SPEC_I_PT=1
    and REGISTER_AND_MOVE ops correctly, as well as proper ALL_TG_PT=1
    support and processing of SPC-3 TransportIDs containing a iSCSI
    InitiatorName+ISID tuple.

    This also included a handful of bugfixes and improvements including
    minor changes to follow new TCM struct target_core_fabric_ops usage for
    the LIO-Target (iSCSI), TCM_FC (OpenFCoE+libfc) and TCM_Loop (Virtual
    SAS + SG_IO)

    Thanks to everyone who contributed their patches, bug reports, testing
    and time. Below is the complete changelog.



    Joe Eykholt (7):
    tcm: add tcm_fc
    tcm_fc: handle residual count
    tcm_fc: add task management support
    tcm_fc: allocate se_cmd in thread, not in softirq.
    tcm_fc: fix session lookup and get lport events
    tcm_fc: clean up tport/tpg pointers
    tcm_fc: distinguish task management debug from other debug messages

    Nicholas Bellinger (42):
    [TCM/ConfigFS]: Fix leak of se_hba_t in
    [TCM]: Force SPC-3 passthrough emulation logic for
    [TCM]: Add HBA and Device setup for RAMDISK_DR virtual LUN=0
    [TCM]: Add TPG setup for RAMDISK_DR virtual LUN=0
    [TCM]: Modify __transport_get_lun_for_cmd() to support virtual LUN=0
    [TCM_Loop]: Add ALUA target port configfs attributes
    [tcm_fc]: Add ALUA target port configfs attributes
    [tcm_fc]: Add missing core_tpg_deregister() in ft_del_tpg()
    [tcm_fc]: Convert ft_get_pr_transport_id() to use local initiator
    [tcm_fc]: Convert TCM_FC/ConfigFS NodeACL and MappedLUN logic to use
    TCM v3.x struct config_groups
    [TCM/PR]: Add proper comment for implict RELEASE with All Registrants
    [TCM]: Declare core_tpg_get_initiator_node_acl() as extern
    [TCM]: Add base logic for struct se_portal_group_t->tpg_pr_ref_count
    [TCM]: Add base logic for struct se_node_acl_s->acl_pr_ref_count
    [TCM]: Add base logic for struct se_dev_entry_s->pr_ref_count
    [TCM/PR]: Add TPG, NodeACL and MappedLUN wrappers for
    [TCM/PR]: Convert REGISTER_AND_MOVE use new configfs dependency
    [TCM/PR]: Add support for intra-fabric SPEC_I_PT=1 TransportID
    Bump version to v3.4.0-rc1
    [TCM/PR]: Fix SPEC_I_PT=1 exception path for illegal TransportID
    payload length
    [TCM/PR]: Add proper ALL_TG_PT=1 allocation support
    [TCM/PR]: Add proper dest_node_acl failure case for SPEC_I_PT=1
    [TCM/PR]: Add proper ALL_TG_PT=1 UNREGISTER support
    [TCM/PR]: Add missing APTPL=1 metadata update for changing
    reservation key
    [TCM]: Convert utsrelease.h includes to include/generated/
    [TCM]: Add proper support for multiple se_session_t per se_node_acl_t
    [TCM]: Add t10_pr_registration_t *parameter to
    [LIO-Target]: Convert lio_sess_get_initiator_wwn() and
    [TCM-FC]: Clear ft_fabric_ops->sess_get_initiator_sid() and update
    [TCM-Loop]: Clear fabric->tf_ops->sess_get_initiator_sid() and update
    [TCM/PR]: Add proper support for ISIDs in TransportID processing
    [TCM/PR]: Replace usage of DEF_PR_REGISTERED with
    [TCM/PR]: Update APTPL metadata logic for ISIDs in TransportID
    [TCM/ConfigFS]: Add per-device attribute 'enforce_pr_isids'
    [TCM/ALUA]: Fix se_cmd_t->se_cmd_flags assignment bug in
    lio-core v3.4.0-rc2
    [LIO-Target]: Fix compile breakage with LIO_TARGET_DEBUG
    [LIO-Target]: Add iscsi_na_get_initiatorname() for TRACE_NODEATTRIB
    [TCM]: Fix core_dev_setup_virtual_lun0() failure path in
    [TCM]: Fix EVPD SCSI Name length calculation bug
    [TCM_Loop]: Fix debug option typo in Kbuild
    [TCM_Loop]: Add proper HBA defaults to struct Scsi_Host

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