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    SubjectRe: Logitech Headset
    On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 6:27 PM, Kevin McKinney <> wrote:
    > Dan, thanks for the info, I was thinking I could leverage code from an
    > existing driver with similar functionality.
    > By the way, the advisor will NOT require any work.  The primary
    > responsibility of the advisor is to verify the requirements.  That is,
    > making sure the developed driver actually works.
    > Anybody willing to verify the finished product can serve as the advisor.  If
    > I have any technical questions while developing the driver, I will post them
    > to the entire open source community. Please let me know if anyone is
    > interested.

    Stupid question, have you tried plugging the device in to verify it is
    indeed not supported? I have a Logitech headset with USB vendor:device
    ID 046d:0a12 (yours is 046d:0a01) and it works like a charm. I believe
    the device works using its own protocol and embedded firmware, it does
    not need a driver. Not sure how the device exposes the audio/input
    functionality to the OS yet but it does.

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