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SubjectRe: render error detected, EIR: 0x00000010
Hello Chris,

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 4:16 AM, Chris Wilson <> wrote:
> On Fri, 14 May 2010 03:59:08 +0530, Jaswinder Singh Rajput <> wrote:
>> Hello Chris,
>> I am also getting display error on another PC :
>> [   34.198957] render error detected, EIR: 0x00000010
>> [   34.198972] [drm:i915_handle_error] *ERROR* EIR stuck: 0x00000010, masking
>> [   34.198998] render error detected, EIR: 0x00000010
> Wow. Things are really amiss there. MI_SET_CONTEXT (the first instruction
> in the batch) was removed in
>  commit 45f45c73469f1bd46a1b6fb206f2e9e5e4fd66b3
>  Author: Eric Anholt <>
>  Date:   Mon Dec 29 11:26:11 2008 -0800
>      Remove logical context setup.
> which explains why the destination bo is not on the active list, you
> have a pre-GEM UMS xf86-video-intel (so the batchbuffer is using absolute
> addressing rather than relocs and the kernel memory manager). The hardware
> is reporting a PTE error (in the overlay plane!) and the single active
> command is to clear the absolute buffer. As it is not being tracked by the
> kernel, I can't tell you what's wrong with the buffer, but most probably
> either the size or its stride is illegal in the context of that command.
> Or maybe even the GTT hasn't been fully initialised for the buffer, it is
> impossible to tell.
> In short, you can trade this bug against the risk of GTT incoherency that
> is endemic on i8xx by updating your driver.

I am getting XWindows on this old machine so this is not so serious
issue, I can ignore the error message ;-)

I am more worried about Acer machine where I am not getting XWindows.

Jaswinder Singh.
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