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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] console logging detour via printk
    > The distros have no problem logging complete console output into log
    > files or over the network, because they simply do not do it at least for
    > the initrd part of the boot process (i'd be glad, if i'm wrong).

    I'd have to double check - but its trivial to move the log if so.

    > > I suspect what you actually need for such logging might be to write a
    > > very simple tty driver whose write method is implemented as printk. That
    > > works in the general case and doesn't require hacking up the code
    > > everywhere else.
    > Looks to me that some kernel code is welcome:)?

    I really don't see the point but if you must do it then doing it as its
    own driver would at least avoid making a mess in the rest of the kernel,
    at which point it becomes less of a problem

    > > However given your init stuff can trivially use openpty to set up a logged
    > > console I am not sure I see the point in doing this in kernel in the
    > > first place.
    > >
    > As said above, how to bridge kernel boot start and logging daemon
    > start-up without kernel help, especially when initrd is in the way? imho
    > it would be too complicated.

    Put the logging start up in the initrd, its just a ramdisk its not
    special in any way at all.

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