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    SubjectRe: USB gadget with drivers "on board"
    Alan Stern schrieb:

    > On Mon, 26 Apr 2010, Josua Dietze wrote:
    >> These are the notorious mode switching devices. In Windows, they
    >> obviously install a special storage driver doing one specific action
    >> on each following plugging.
    >> This action - some storage or control command - will "flip" the
    >> device, making it "disconnect" and returning as a completely different
    >> composite device.
    >> Storage commands used for this procedure range from "SCSI rezero" over
    >> "passthrough" to "SCSI eject", or involve vendor specific stuff.
    > I was going to say the same thing. For ease of use, I recommend using
    > a "SCSI eject" to trigger the mode change. That way, Linux users who
    > don't have the usb-modeswitch program installed can get the same effect
    > by running eject.

    Important for the Linux handling is that "mode 1" is clearly
    distinguishable from "mode 2", either by using a different product ID
    or by setting a different class for the device or interface 0 (will
    most likely be "8" for the install mode).

    And it might be a good idea not to re-use any known ID for the install
    mode, like the 05c6:1000 which my Samsung phone and loads of other
    devices are using.
    This makes switch handling complicated (though not impossible).

    Josua Dietze

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