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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/8] More fixes for nested svm
    On 04/22/2010 01:33 PM, Joerg Roedel wrote:
    > Hi Avi, Marcelo,
    > here is another set of nested svm fixes. They fix NMI code to make UP Hyper-V
    > root domain booting. The patches also add better handling for nested entry
    > failures and mce intercepts.
    > Also in this patchset are the fixes for the supported cpuid reporting for svm
    > features. These patches were taken from the nested-npt patchset and slightly
    > modified. These patches are also marked for -stable backporting.
    > The probably most important fix is about exception reinjection. This didn't
    > work reliably before and is fixed with the patch in this series now. This fix
    > also touches common x86 code but that should be ok because it could be reused
    > by nested-vmx later.
    > Please review and give comments (or apply ;-).

    All applied, thanks.

    Regarding stable, it should be easy to backport the patches to
    2.6.34-rc6, but for 2.6.33 and earlier, it's murky. And we certainly
    don't have the means to test them.

    So please prepare _tested_ patchsets (git is fine) for 2.6.3[432]. I
    suggest you hold off for 2.6.3[32] until their next release, since there
    are a lot of kvm patches in review for them. In general patches should
    be prepared against kvm.git kvm-updates/; we'll keep them up to
    date against stable.

    Longer term, we need kvm-autotest support for nsvm, and unit tests in

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