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    SubjectRe: perf top broken on ppc64
    Excerpts from Alexander Graf's message of Wed Apr 21 09:21:36 +1000 2010:
    > Hi,
    > While trying to find out performance bottlenecks in KVM for PowerPC I
    > figured I'd try and use "perf top" to see what's going on in the
    > system. This works great on my G4, but doesn't on the Powerstation
    > (970MP).
    > The only weird thing I can imagine about this setup is that I'm
    > running 32 bit userland on a 64 bit kernel. So I went ahead and
    > compiled perf for ppc64 - without any change:

    I'm using 32 bit userland and 64 bit kernel on a PowerPC box and it's working for me.
    Are you building perf from the tip tree?


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