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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] enhanced reimplemention of the kfifo API
> > This are the features which are currently not used in the kernel:
> >
> > kfifo_to_user()
> > kfifo_from_user()
> > kfifo_dma_....() macros
> > kfifo_esize()
> > kfifo_recsize()
> > kfifo_put()
> > kfifo_get()
> > the fixed size record elements, exclude "unsigned char" fifo's and
> > the variable size records fifo's
> If you have features that have no users, why add them? Do you think
> that some drivers need/want these features?

Some developers ask me for this features, so i am a nice girl and
implemented it. Especially the kfifo_to_user() and kfifo_from_user() was
desired and is IMHO very useful.

kfifo_put(), kfifo_get(), kfifo_esize() and kfifo_recsize() didn't coast
anything, because there are only macros.

Andrew agreed that we add this for a given time period, and have a look
what happens. The code overhead is not to much.

It is a chicken and egg problem: If we do not provide this features,
nobody can use it and everyone will write it's own implementation.

I also plan to port some drivers to the new generic kfifo API, where i
own the hardware.


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