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    SubjectRe: busy inodes -> ext3 umount crash

    On Fri 16-04-10 20:09:05, Jiri Slaby wrote:
    > with mmotm 2010-04-05-16-09 and much older (I hadn't camera to take a
    > picture) I sometimes get a BUG() trace in ext3 umount code:
    I see several "Busy inodes on umount" messages from several filesystems
    and then the complaint on dm-1 about ext3 orphan inodes on umount (which are
    actually directories with i_nlink == 0). I guess these are actually caused by
    the same bug - some leak in inode references. I think this is a bug
    specific to mmotm since otherwise we'd be seeing much more reports of this.
    Looking at the patches in mmotm,
    vfs-fix-vfs_rename_dir-for-fs_rename_does_d_move-filesystems.patch caught
    my eye but frankly I don't see how we could leak dentry because of that
    change. Certainly a path taken by dput() changes but the new one does
    dentry_iput() as well.

    > I have no idea how to reproduce it :(, but it usually happens when I do
    > shutdown/kexec.
    If it's the patch I suspect above, then moving one directory over another
    one might trigger the leak which would be later spotted on umount of the
    filesystem. Or maybe to trigger the leak you have to have a process which
    has its CWD in the directory you are going to delete by the rename... not

    > Those busy inodes are pretty common in current kernels, I don't know if
    > that's related -- I doubt it since it is for different bdevs.
    I think it is related - if the busy inode is a deleted one, then you get
    exactly the WARN_ON you are reporting... So if you can easily reproduce
    the "busy inodes" message then I'd start with debugging that one. Do you
    see it also with vanilla kernels?

    Jan Kara <>
    SUSE Labs, CR

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