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    SubjectRe: open sockets from task_struct
    Get the Linux kernel source and look at what the procfs filesystem is 
    doing to get that information. Look under fs/proc.
    fs/proc/base.c(2508) seems to contain the inode structures for
    /proc/pid/fd and /proc/pid/fdinfo, locate the inode operations
    structure and locate the functions. Drill down through the function
    calls and you'll eventually find how to read what
    file handles are open. A quick glance tells me that the calls go several
    layers deep including a call through a function pointer passed in one of
    the parameters, "instantiate", hopefully that won't be a problem for you.
    > On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 12:53 PM, Jonathan Campbell<> wrote:
    >> I know that on the user-space side any open handles can be seen in the
    >> /proc/<pid>/fd directory (<pid> is whatever process you're interested in).
    >> Assuming you're talking about reading this from kernel space, I'd look at
    >> what the procfs filesystem is doing and learn from that.
    >> Sockets and block/char devices are listed like any other file, the list is
    >> based on file handles.
    >>> I have task_struct structure , how to find all the opened files ? how
    >>> to find opened sockets ?
    >>> Thanks,
    >>> Ratheesh
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    > I need it in kernel space and i am using kernel .. could you
    > please guide a little ?

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