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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] vmscan: simplify shrink_inactive_list()
> It's a buying-time venture, I'll agree but as both approaches are only
> about reducing stack stack they wouldn't be long-term solutions by your
> criteria. What do you suggest?

(from easy to more complicated):

- Disable direct reclaim with 4K stacks
- Do direct reclaim only on separate stacks
- Add interrupt stacks to any 8K stack architectures.
- Get rid of 4K stacks completely
- Think about any other stackings that could give large scale recursion
and find ways to run them on separate stacks too.
- Long term: maybe we need 16K stacks at some point, depending on how
good the VM gets. Alternative would be to stop making Linux more complicated,
but that's unlikely to happen.

-- -- Speaking for myself only.

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