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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] Various intel small device drivers
> > Kalhan Trisal (4):
> > emc1403: thermal sensor support
> > liss331d1: accelerometer driver
> > isl29020: ambient light sensor
> > hmc6352: Add driver for the HMC6352 compass
> The liss331d1, isl29020 and hmc6352 are not hardware monitoring drivers

Disagree somewhat. In fact on close grepping I find that there is another
related lis33 implementation in drivers/hwmon already 8)

Given all the accelerometers are in drivers/hwmon where do you think they
should be, and do you have pending patches to move the others ?

I'd also be interested where you think the compass fits if its not hwmon,
ditto the ambient light sensor ?

I'll bounce the emc1403 onto lm-sensors.


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