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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] IRQ: Fix oneshot irq race between irq_finalize_oneshot and handle_level_irq
On Tue, 9 Mar 2010, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:

> If the kernel has been compiled with preemtion support and handle_level_irq is
> called from process context for a oneshot irq there is a race between
> irq_finalize_oneshot and handle_level_irq which results in the irq not being
> unmasked after its handlers have been run.
> irq_finalize_oneshot is expected to unmask the irq after the threaded irq
> handler has been run. It only does so if IRQ_MASKED is set for the irqs status.
> IRQ_MASKED gets set in the lower part of handle_level_irq after handle_IRQ_event
> has been called.
> handle_IRQ_event will wakeup the oneshot irqs threaded handler and if the
> kernel has been build with preemption there is a chance that the threaded irq
> handler will finish before execution is returned to handle_level_irq.
> As a result irq_finalize_oneshot will not unmask the irq and handle_level_irq
> will set the IRQ_MASKED flag. Thus the irq will stay masked and stalls.
> In case of an race the call-graph would look like this:
> handle_level_irq
> |- mask_ack_irq
> |- handle_IRQ_event
> |- wake_up_process
> |- irq_thread
> |- action->thread_fn
> |- irq_finalize_oneshot # Does not unmask the irq
> |- # Set IRQ_MASKED status flag

Errm, a thread _CANNOT_ preempt a hard interrupt handler.



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