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    SubjectRe: [PATCHv2 0/6] pps: time synchronization over LPT
    On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 4:28 AM, Alexander Gordeev
    <> wrote:
    > This patchset is tested against the vanilla kernel. But we are
    > actually using it on rt-preempt kernel most of the time.
    > Also there is a version which should be applied on top of LinuxPPS out
    > of tree patches (i.e. all clients and low-level irq timestamps stuff).
    > Those who are interested in other versions of the patchset can find
    > them in my git repository:
    > There is one problem however: hardpps() works bad when used on top
    > of 2.6.33-rc* with CONFIG_NO_HZ enabled. The reason for this is commit
    > a092ff0f90cae22b2ac8028ecd2c6f6c1a9e4601. Without it hardpps() is able
    > to sync to 1us precision in about 10 seconds. With it

    Uh. Not sure I see right off why the logarithmic time accumulation
    would give you troubles. Its actually there to try to fix a couple of
    NTP issues that cropped up when the accumulation interval was pushed
    out to 2HZ with CONFIG_NO_HZ.

    Do you have any extra insight here as to whats going on with your
    code? The only thing I could guess would be second_overflow() is
    happening closer to the actual overflow, but maybe less regularly? But
    again, I'm not sure how this would be drastically different then
    before with the 2HZ accumulation period.


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