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SubjectRe: aio: compat_ioctl issue?
Michael Tokarev <> writes:

> Hello.
> I just come across a situation (next in a long row :)
> when on x86, 32bit userspace does not work with 64bit
> kernel. This time this is about aio requests.
> An application submits some aio job, and it is returned
> immediately (from io_getevents()) with EINVAL error.
> Here's what it does (it's a printf in the application -
> actual arguments as passed to io_submit() and actual
> result received in io_getevents()):
> io_submit: lio_opcode=7 reqprio=0 iov=0x9cd7018{0xf5599000,4096}, niov=1, offset=0
> io_getevents: expected 4096 got -22 (EINVAL)
> Note that it is not io_submit() which fails (that one
> returns success) but io_getevents(), so it has to be
> down the pipeline somewhere.
> Can someone comment this please? Somehow I was thinking this
> codepath works as - I think anyway - I ran 32bit Oracle database
> with aio support on 64bit kernel, but I may be mistaken.
> Kernel is 2.6.33 from

Can you post the program, please?


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