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SubjectRe: ATA 4 KiB sector issues.
On 03/08/2010 07:18 AM, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
> Tejun> Partitioners maybe should only align partitions which will be
> Tejun> used by Linux and default to the traditional layout for others
> Tejun> while allowing explicit override.
> I don't think we take the partition type into account. Karel?

We should not take the partition type into account. The other aspect is
that FAT partitions need to be formatted differently to maintain the
alignment once set; I have recently contributed patches (which were
accepted) into mkdosfs to do the right thing there.

Looking at the Windows XP article, it looks like it is limited to
certain BIOSes; unfortunately it doesn't say what the particular BIOS
issue is. If we can find a system which actually exhibits the bug it
might be possible to reverse-engineer a solution.

> Tejun> Reportedly, commonly used partitioners aren't ready to handle
> Tejun> drives larger than 2 TiB in any configuration and alignment isn't
> Tejun> done properly for drives with 4 KiB physical sectors. 4 KiB
> Tejun> logical sector support is broken in both the kernel
> Huh, what? My homedir is on a 4KiB LBS/PBS drive and has been for ~2
> years.

For > 2 TiB drives with 4 KiB logical sectors and MS-DOS partition
tables, it is.

> Tejun> Unfortunately, the transition to 4 KiB sector size, physical only
> Tejun> or logical too, is looking fairly ugly. Hopefully, a reasonable
> Tejun> solution can be reached in not too distant future but even with
> Tejun> all the software side updated, it looks like it's gonna cause
> Tejun> significant amount of confusion and frustration.
> With regards to XP compatibility I don't think we should go too much out
> of our way to accommodate it. XP has been disowned by its master and I
> think virtualization will take care of the rest.

I think that's is wildly optimistic, but I do observe there is a fix
from Microsoft in the article you reference.

> FWIW, recent fdisk has a command line flag that will enable/disable DOS
> compatible layout.

Yes, unfortunately it is still on by default.


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