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    SubjectRe: ATA 4 KiB sector issues.
    >>>>> "Tejun" == Tejun Heo <> writes:

    Tejun> The [Windows Vista/7] partitioner seems to be using 1M as the
    Tejun> basic alignment unit and offsetting from there if explicitly
    Tejun> requested by the drive


    Tejun> Please note that hdparm is misreporting the alignment offset. It
    Tejun> should be reporting 512 instead of 256 for offset-by-one drives.

    Already fixed. Your hdparm must be old.

    Tejun> Partitioners maybe should only align partitions which will be
    Tejun> used by Linux and default to the traditional layout for others
    Tejun> while allowing explicit override.

    I don't think we take the partition type into account. Karel?

    Tejun> Reportedly, commonly used partitioners aren't ready to handle
    Tejun> drives larger than 2 TiB in any configuration and alignment isn't
    Tejun> done properly for drives with 4 KiB physical sectors. 4 KiB
    Tejun> logical sector support is broken in both the kernel

    Huh, what? My homedir is on a 4KiB LBS/PBS drive and has been for ~2

    Tejun> (need more details and probably a whole section on partitioner
    Tejun> behaviors)

    I'm Cc:'ing Karel Zak and Jim Meyering who have been doing all the
    alignment work for fdisk and parted respectively. Karel, Jim: The full
    writeup is here:

    It'd be great if you guys could share what you have been doing to the

    Tejun> Unfortunately, the transition to 4 KiB sector size, physical only
    Tejun> or logical too, is looking fairly ugly. Hopefully, a reasonable
    Tejun> solution can be reached in not too distant future but even with
    Tejun> all the software side updated, it looks like it's gonna cause
    Tejun> significant amount of confusion and frustration.

    With regards to XP compatibility I don't think we should go too much out
    of our way to accommodate it. XP has been disowned by its master and I
    think virtualization will take care of the rest.

    FWIW, recent fdisk has a command line flag that will enable/disable DOS
    compatible layout.

    Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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