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    SubjectRe: -next March 3: Boot failure on x86 (Oops)
    Tejun Heo wrote:
    > I'm having very difficult time imagining how 22b737f4 could have
    > affected this as the patch is identical transformation of the previous
    > code. Also, 833af842 was released with 2.6.32 and stayed that way, so
    > it really looks like a memory overrun / random corruption thing. Can
    > you please retry with kmalloc debug stuff turned on?
    With latest git (2.6.33-git11) the machine boots fine. So as you
    mentioned this could be a memory overrun / random corruption issue.

    I will try few more boots with latest / old git snapshots, and will
    try to collect debug information on recreation.


    > Thanks.


    Sachin Sant
    IBM Linux Technology Center
    India Systems and Technology Labs
    Bangalore, India

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