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    SubjectRe: [PATCH -next] kmemcheck: build failure after merge of the slabh tree

    On 03/30/2010 01:25 AM, Randy Dunlap wrote:
    > This tree seems to be a bit messy. :(

    Sorry. Most of the failures came from me forgetting to run the
    conversion script on codes which are in linux-next but not mainline,
    so all the new codes ended up broken by default. I just sent out
    patches against trees in linux-next. Once they're in, there shouldn't
    be many problems.

    > Sorry if I missed this patch in the (email) storm.
    > mm/kmemcheck.c also needs slab.h added to it:

    But this one is something I missed from the mainline (my script didn't
    check for isolated SLAB_* flag usages). I'll take this one into the
    slabh tree. Thanks for reporting this. :-)


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