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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ptrace: kill BKL in ptrace syscall
On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 3:05 PM, Oleg Nesterov <> wrote:
> On 03/29, John Kacur wrote:
>> So, just to be clear about this particular patch, who is queuing it up
>> to send to Linus? Would that be you Oleg, as a ptrace maintainer?
> Cough. I must admit, apart from "urgent" bugfixes the only way I know
> is to send the patch to Andrew.
> So I'd suggest to send this patch to akpm. Of course, if you wish I can
> forward it, but doesn't matter.
> Oleg.

I know that in the past, Thomas was keeping a BKL tree in tip, but not sure if
he is still doing so. It seems that Arnd's tree is at least partially
so I wonder if we need to maintain another BKL tree somewhere of fixes
that have no
obvious maintainer, but are ready to send to Linus for inclusion?

For fixes that have obvious maintainers though, I would just rather go through
the normal route.


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