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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/6] drivers:misc: sources for Init manager module
    Hi Pavan,

    > I wanted to somehow put this in staging because then it would probably have a thorough architectural review process.
    > Some details about this driver -
    > 1. This driver will be used by Bluetooth-BlueZ/FM-V4L2 and GPS (probably character device driver) using the EXPORTED symbols (-register/_unregister).
    > 2. Much like the hciattach daemon which maintains N_HCI bluetooth line discipline, this driver will also have a User-Space N_TI_WL Init manager (UIM) maintaining the Line discipline.

    can you explain why you think this is needed and we can not interface
    this directly. If it is a serial port, what protocol does it talk?

    > 3. Because of the UIM should know when to install/uninstall line discipline, the /sys entry is created a root called UIM (a new kobject) and UIM daemon would write it's PID to it.

    I don't understand this. This sounds like a broken concept to me.

    > 4. As Alan suggested, If I make it self-contained by pushing number of line disciplines to a slightly larger number, then would it be OK ?

    Just from a quick look, I think within a few review cycles this might be
    able to get proper upstream inclusion. No idea why bother with staging
    in the first place. Lets do this correctly.



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