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SubjectOptimal refresh rate for minimal psychovisual noise, and tuning the kernel for it.
Peace Be With You.

I have earlier done some work with audio, and made a limiter, which can be
downloaded at, along with some
other plugins.

I extended the philosophy to video, and particulary the UI, and refresh

I found that a refresh rate of approximately 72.586hz is optimal, and
contains the least psychovisual noise.
Things become more lifelike, and much more information is registered by
the human perception.

I would like to share this information with you, and a modesetting for x,
for 1280x1024, so you can test for yourself.

I would also like to know, if there is any tunables in the linux kernel,
that I can tweak, to further enhance it, for 72.586hz refresh rates. I
have already enabled preemptive RCU, and full desktop preemption.

I would also like to extend the philosophy, to the HZ setting of the
kernel, or other settings, and ask if anyone can make, or know patches,
that makes these tunables, accesible in realtime, with a cat.

Peace Be With You.

NB: Here is also a modeline for X, which contains the 72.586hz screenmode,
in 1280x1024 resolution.

"1280x1024" 130.612 1280 1296 1440 1688 1024 1025 1028 1066 +hsync +vsync

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