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SubjectRe: [RFC] Unify KVM kernel-space and user-space code into a single project

* Alexander Graf <> wrote:

> Yes. I think the point was that every layer in between brings potential
> slowdown and loss of features.

Exactly. The more 'fragmented' a project is into sub-projects, without a
single, unified, functional reference implementation in the center of it, the
longer it takes to fix 'unsexy' problems like trivial usability bugs.

Furthermore, another negative effect is that many times features are
implemented not in their technically best way, but in a way to keep them local
to the project that originates them. This is done to keep deployment latencies
and general contribution overhead down to a minimum. The moment you have to
work with yet another project, the overhead adds up.

So developers rather go for the quicker (yet inferior) hack within the
sub-project they have best access to.

Tell me this isnt happening in this space ;-)



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