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    Subject[C/R v20][PATCH 00/96] Linux Checkpoint-Restart - v20
    Hi Andrew,

    Following up on the thread on the checkpoint-restart patch set
    (, the following series is the
    latest checkpoint/restart, based on 2.6.33.

    The first 20 patches are cleanups and prepartion for c/r; they
    are followed by the actual c/r code.

    Please apply to -mm, and let us know if there is any way we can




    Linux Checkpoint-Restart:
    web, wiki:
    bug track:

    The repositories for the project are in:
    user tools:;a=summary
    tests suite:;a=summary



    v20 [2010-Mar-16]
    BUG FIXES (only)
    - [Serge Hallyn] Fix unlabeled restore case
    - [Serge Hallyn] Always restore msg_msg label
    - [Serge Hallyn] Selinux prevents msgrcv on restore message queues?
    - [Serge Hallyn] save_access_regs for self-checkpoint
    - [Serge Hallyn] send uses_interp=1 to arch_setup_additional_pages
    - Fix "scheduling in atomic" while restoring ipc (sem, shm, msg)
    - Cleanup: no need to restore perm->{id,key,seq}
    - Fix sysvipc=n compile
    - Make uts_ns=n compile
    - Only use arch_setup_additional_pages() if supported by arch
    - Export key symbols to enable c/r from kernel modules
    - Avoid crash if incoming object doesn't have .restore
    - Replace error_sem with an event completion
    - [Serge Hallyn] Change sysctl and default for unprivileged use
    - [Nathan Lynch] Use syscall_get_error
    - Add entry for checkpoint/restart in MAINTAINERS

    [2010-Feb-19] v19
    - Support for x86-64 architecture
    - Support for c/r of LSM (smack, selinux)
    - Support for c/r of task fs_root and pwd
    - Support for c/r of epoll
    - Support for c/r of eventfd
    - Enable C/R while executing over NFS
    - Preliminary c/r of mounts namespace
    - Add @logfd argument to sys_{checkpoint,restart} prototypes
    - Define new api for error and debug logging
    - Restart to handle checkpoint images lacking {uts,ipc}-ns
    - Refuse to checkpoint if monitoring directories with dnotify
    - Refuse to checkpoint if file locks and leases are held
    - Refuse to checkpoint files with f_owner
    - Rebase to kernel 2.6.33-rc8
    - Settled version of new sys_eclone()
    - [Serge Hallyn] Fix potential use-before-set return (vdso)
    - Update documentation and examples for new syscalls API (doc)
    - [Liu Alexander] Fix typos (doc)
    - [Serge Hallyn] Update checkpoint image format (doc)
    - [Serge Hallyn] Use ckpt_err() to for bad header values
    - sys_{checkpoint,restart} to use ptregs prototype
    - Set ctx->errno in do_ckpt_msg() if needed
    - Fix up headers so we can munge them for use by userspace
    - Multiple fixes to _ckpt_write_err() and friends
    - [Matt Helsley] Add cpp definitions for enums
    - [Serge Hallyn] Add global section container to image format
    - [Matt Helsley] Fix total byte read/write count for large images
    - ckpt_read_buf_type() to accept max payload (excludes ckpt_hdr)
    - [Serge Hallyn] Use ckpt_err() for arch incompatbilities
    - Introduce walk_task_subtree() to iterate through descendants
    - Call restore_notify_error for restart (not checkpoint !)
    - Make kread/kwrite() abort if CKPT_CTX_ERROR is set
    - [Serge Hallyn] Move init_completion(&ctx->complete) to ctx_alloc
    - Simplify logic of tracking restarting tasks (->ctx)
    - Coordinator kills descendants on failure for proper cleanup
    - Prepare descendants needs PTRACE_MODE_ATTACH permissions
    - Threads wait for entire thread group before restoring
    - Add debug process-tree status during restart
    - Fix handling of bogus pid arg to sys_restart
    - In reparent_thread() test for PF_RESTARTING on parent
    - Keep __u32s in even groups for 32-64 bit compatibility
    - Define ckpt_obj_try_fetch
    - Disallow zero or negative objref during restart
    - Check for valid destructor before calling it (deferqueue)
    - Fix false negative of test for unlinked files at checkpoint
    - [Serge Hallyn] Rename fs_mnt to root_fs_path
    - Restore thread/cpu state early
    - Ensure null-termination of file names read from image
    - Fix compile warning in restore_open_fname()
    - Introduce FOLL_DIRTY to follow_page() for "dirty" pages
    - [Serge Hallyn] Checkpoint saved_auxv as u64s
    - Export filemap_checkpoint()
    - [Serge Hallyn] Disallow checkpoint of tasks with aio requests
    - Fix compilation failure when !CONFIG_CHEKCPOINT (regression)
    - Expose page write functions
    - Do not hold mmap_sem while checkpointing vma's
    - Do not hold mmap_sem when reading memory pages on restart
    - Move consider_private_page() to mm/memory.c:__get_dirty_page()
    - [Serge Hallyn] move destroy_mm into mmap.c and remove size check
    - [Serge Hallyn] fill vdso (syscall32_setup_pages) for TIF_IA32/x86_64
    - [Serge Hallyn] Fix return value of read_pages_contents()
    - [Serge Hallyn] Change m_type to long, not int (ipc)
    - Don't free sma if it's an error on restore
    - Use task->saves_sigmask and drop task->checkpoint_data
    - [Serge Hallyn] Handle saved_sigmask at checkpoint
    - Defer restore of blocked signals mask during restart
    - Self-restart to tolerate missing PGIDs
    - [Serge Hallyn] skb->tail can be offset
    - Export and leverage sock_alloc_file()
    - [Nathan Lynch] Fix net/checkpoint.c for 64-bit
    - [Dan Smith] Unify skb read/write functions and handle fragmented buffers
    - [Dan Smith] Update buffer restore code to match the new format
    - [Dan Smith] Fix compile issue with CONFIG_CHECKPOINT=n
    - [Dan Smith] Remove an unnecessary check on socket restart
    - [Dan Smith] Pass the stored sock->protocol into sock_create() on restore
    - Relax tcp.window_clamp value in INET restore
    - Restore gso_type fields on sockets and buffers for proper operation
    - Fix broken compilation for no-c/r architectures
    - Return -EBUSY (not BUG_ON) if fd is gone on restart
    - Fix the chunk size instead of auto-tune (epoll)
    ARCH: x86 (32,64)
    - Use PTREGSCALL4 for sys_{checkpoint,restart}
    - Remove debug-reg support (need to redo with perf_events)
    - [Serge Hallyn] Support for ia32 (checkpoint, restart)
    - Split arch/x86/checkpoint.c to generic and 32bit specific parts
    - sys_{checkpoint,restore} to use ptregs
    - Allow X86_EFLAGS_RF on restart
    - [Serge Hallyn] Only allow 'restart' with same bit-ness as image.
    - Move checkpoint.c from arch/x86/mm->arch/x86/kernel
    ARCH: s390 [Serge Hallyn]
    - Define s390x sys_restart wrapper
    - Fixes to restart-blocks logic and signal path
    - Fix checkpoint and restart compat wrappers
    - sys_{checkpoint,restore} to use ptregs
    - Use simpler test_task_thread to test current ti flags
    - Fix 31-bit s390 checkpoint/restart wrappers
    - Update sys_checkpoint (do_sys_checkpoint on all archs)
    - [Oren Laadan] Move checkpoint.c from arch/s390/mm->arch/s390/kernel
    ARCH: powerpc [Nathan Lynch]
    - [Serge Hallyn] Add hook task_has_saved_sigmask()
    - Warn if full register state unavailable
    - Fix up checkpoint syscall, tidy restart
    - [Oren Laadan] Move checkpoint.c from arch/powerpc/{mm->kernel}

    [2009-Sep-22] v18
    - [Nathan Lynch] Re-introduce powerpc support
    - Save/restore pseudo-terminals
    - Save/restore (pty) controlling terminals
    - Save/restore restore PGIDs
    - [Dan Smith] Save/restore unix domain sockets
    - Save/restore FIFOs
    - Save/restore pending signals
    - Save/restore rlimits
    - Save/restore itimers
    - [Matt Helsley] Handle many non-pseudo file-systems
    - Rename headerless struct ckpt_hdr_* to struct ckpt_*
    - [Nathan Lynch] discard const from struct cred * where appropriate
    - [Serge Hallyn][s390] Set return value for self-checkpoint
    - Handle kmalloc failure in restore_sem_array()
    - [IPC] Collect files used by shm objects
    - [IPC] Use file (not inode) as shared object on checkpoint of shm
    - More ckpt_write_err()s to give information on checkpoint failure
    - Adjust format of pipe buffer to include the mandatory pre-header
    - [LEAKS] Mark the backing file as visited at chekcpoint
    - Tighten checks on supported vma to checkpoint or restart
    - [Serge Hallyn] Export filemap_checkpoint() (used for ext4)
    - Introduce ckpt_collect_file() that also uses file->collect method
    - Use ckpt_collect_file() instead of ckpt_obj_collect() for files
    - Fix leak-detection issue in collect_mm() (test for first-time obj)
    - Invoke set_close_on_exec() unconditionally on restart
    - [Dan Smith] Export fill_fname() as ckpt_fill_fname()
    - Interface to pass simple pointers as data with deferqueue
    - [Dan Smith] Fix ckpt_obj_lookup_add() leak detection logic
    - Replace EAGAIN with EBUSY where necessary
    - Introduce CKPT_OBJ_VISITED in leak detection
    - ckpt_obj_collect() returns objref for new objects, 0 otherwise
    - Rename ckpt_obj_checkpointed() to ckpt_obj_visited()
    - Introduce ckpt_obj_visit() to mark objects as visited
    - Set the CHECKPOINTED flag on objects before calling checkpoint
    - Introduce ckpt_obj_reserve()
    - Change ref_drop() to accept a @lastref argument (for cleanup)
    - Disallow multiple objects with same objref in restart
    - Allow _ckpt_read_obj_type() to read header only (w/o payload)
    - Fix leak of ckpt_ctx when restoring zombie tasks
    - Fix race of prepare_descendant() with an ongoing fork()
    - Track and report the first error if restart fails
    - Tighten logic to protect against bogus pids in input
    - [Matt Helsley] Improve debug output from ckpt_notify_error()
    - [Nathan Lynch] fix compilation errors with CONFIG_COMPAT=y
    - Detect error-headers in input data on restart, and abort.
    - Standard format for checkpoint error strings (and documentation)
    - [Dan Smith] Add an errno validation function
    - Add ckpt_read_payload(): read a variable-length object (no header)
    - Add ckpt_read_string(): same for strings (ensures null-terminated)
    - Add ckpt_read_consume(): consumes next object without processing
    - [John Dykstra] Fix no-dot-config-targets pattern in linux/Makefile

    [2009-Jul-21] v17
    - Introduce syscall clone_with_pids() to restore original pids
    - Support threads and zombies
    - Save/restore task->files
    - Save/restore task->sighand
    - Save/restore futex
    - Save/restore credentials
    - Introduce PF_RESTARTING to skip notifications on task exit
    - restart(2) allow caller to ask to freeze tasks after restart
    - restart(2) isn't idempotent: return -EINTR if interrupted
    - Improve debugging output handling
    - Make multi-process restart logic more robust and complete
    - Correctly select return value for restarting tasks on success
    - Tighten ptrace test for checkpoint to PTRACE_MODE_ATTACH
    - Use CHECKPOINTING state for frozen checkpointed tasks
    - Fix compilation without CONFIG_CHECKPOINT
    - Fix compilation with CONFIG_COMPAT
    - Fix headers includes and exports
    - Leak detection performed in two steps
    - Detect "inverse" leaks of objects (dis)appearing unexpectedly
    - Memory: save/restore mm->{flags,def_flags,saved_auxv}
    - Memory: only collect sub-objects of mm once (leak detection)
    - Files: validate f_mode after restore
    - Namespaces: leak detection for nsproxy sub-components
    - Namespaces: proper restart from namespace(s) without namespace(s)
    - Save global constants in header instead of per-object
    - IPC: replace sys_unshare() with create_ipc_ns()
    - IPC: restore objects in suitable namespace
    - IPC: correct behavior under !CONFIG_IPC_NS
    - UTS: save/restore all fields
    - UTS: replace sys_unshare() with create_uts_ns()
    - X86_32: sanitize cpu, debug, and segment registers on restart
    - cgroup_freezer: add CHECKPOINTING state to safeguard checkpoint
    - cgroup_freezer: add interface to freeze a cgroup (given a task)

    [2009-May-27] v16
    - Privilege checks for IPC checkpoint
    - Fix error string generation during checkpoint
    - Use kzalloc for header allocation
    - Restart blocks are arch-independent
    - Redo pipe c/r using splice
    - Fixes to s390 arch
    - Remove powerpc arch (temporary)
    - Explicitly restore ->nsproxy
    - All objects in image are precedeed by 'struct ckpt_hdr'
    - Fix leaks detection (and leaks)
    - Reorder of patchset
    - Misc bugs and compilation fixes

    [2009-Apr-12] v15
    - Minor fixes

    [2009-Apr-28] v14
    - Tested against kernel v2.6.30-rc3 on x86_32.
    - Refactor files chekpoint to use f_ops (file operations)
    - Refactor mm/vma to use vma_ops
    - Explicitly handle VDSO vma (and require compat mode)
    - Added code to c/r restat-blocks (restart timeout related syscalls)
    - Added code to c/r namespaces: uts, ipc (with Dan Smith)
    - Added code to c/r sysvipc (shm, msg, sem)
    - Support for VM_CLONE shared memory
    - Added resource leak detection for whole-container checkpoint
    - Added sysctl gauge to allow unprivileged restart/checkpoint
    - Improve and simplify the code and logic of shared objects
    - Rework image format: shared objects appear prior to their use
    - Merge checkpoint and restart functionality into same files
    - Massive renaming of functions: prefix "ckpt_" for generics,
    "checkpoint_" for checkpoint, and "restore_" for restart.
    - Report checkpoint errors as a valid (string record) in the output
    - Merged PPC architecture (by Nathan Lunch),
    - Requires updates to userspace tools too.
    - Misc nits and bug fixes

    [2009-Mar-31] v14-rc2
    - Change along Dave's suggestion to use f_ops->checkpoint() for files
    - Merge patch simplifying Kconfig, with CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_SUPPORT
    - Merge support for PPC arch (Nathan Lynch)
    - Misc cleanups and fixes in response to comments

    [2009-Mar-20] v14-rc1:
    - The 'h.parent' field of 'struct cr_hdr' isn't used - discard
    - Check whether calls to cr_hbuf_get() succeed or fail.
    - Fixed of pipe c/r code
    - Prevent deadlock by refusing c/r when a pipe inode == ctx->file inode
    - Refuse non-self checkpoint if a task isn't frozen
    - Use unsigned fields in checkpoint headers unless otherwise required
    - Rename functions in files c/r to better reflect their role
    - Add support for anonymous shared memory
    - Merge support for s390 arch (Dan Smith, Serge Hallyn)

    [2008-Dec-03] v13:
    - Cleanups of 'struct cr_ctx' - remove unused fields
    - Misc fixes for comments

    [2008-Dec-17] v12:
    - Fix re-alloc/reset of pgarr chain to correctly reuse buffers
    (empty pgarr are saves in a separate pool chain)
    - Add a couple of missed calls to cr_hbuf_put()
    - cr_kwrite/cr_kread() again use vfs_read(), vfs_write() (safer)
    - Split cr_write/cr_read() to two parts: _cr_write/read() helper
    - Befriend with sparse: explicit conversion to 'void __user *'
    - Redrefine 'pr_fmt' ind replace cr_debug() with pr_debug()

    [2008-Dec-05] v11:
    - Use contents of 'init->fs->root' instead of pointing to it
    - Ignore symlinks (there is no such thing as an open symlink)
    - cr_scan_fds() retries from scratch if it hits size limits
    - Add missing test for VM_MAYSHARE when dumping memory
    - Improve documentation about: behavior when tasks aren't fronen,
    life span of the object hash, references to objects in the hash

    [2008-Nov-26] v10:
    - Grab vfs root of container init, rather than current process
    - Acquire dcache_lock around call to __d_path() in cr_fill_name()
    - Force end-of-string in cr_read_string() (fix possible DoS)
    - Introduce cr_write_buffer(), cr_read_buffer() and cr_read_buf_type()

    [2008-Nov-10] v9:
    - Support multiple processes c/r
    - Extend checkpoint header with archtiecture dependent header
    - Misc bug fixes (see individual changelogs)
    - Rebase to v2.6.28-rc3.

    [2008-Oct-29] v8:
    - Support "external" checkpoint
    - Include Dave Hansen's 'deny-checkpoint' patch
    - Split docs in Documentation/checkpoint/..., and improve contents

    [2008-Oct-17] v7:
    - Fix save/restore state of FPU
    - Fix argument given to kunmap_atomic() in memory dump/restore

    [2008-Oct-07] v6:
    - Balance all calls to cr_hbuf_get() with matching cr_hbuf_put()
    (even though it's not really needed)
    - Add assumptions and what's-missing to documentation
    - Misc fixes and cleanups

    [2008-Sep-11] v5:
    - Config is now 'def_bool n' by default
    - Improve memory dump/restore code (following Dave Hansen's comments)
    - Change dump format (and code) to allow chunks of <vaddrs, pages>
    instead of one long list of each
    - Fix use of follow_page() to avoid faulting in non-present pages
    - Memory restore now maps user pages explicitly to copy data into them,
    instead of reading directly to user space; got rid of mprotect_fixup()
    - Remove preempt_disable() when restoring debug registers
    - Rename headers files s/ckpt/checkpoint/
    - Fix misc bugs in files dump/restore
    - Fixes and cleanups on some error paths
    - Fix misc coding style

    [2008-Sep-09] v4:
    - Various fixes and clean-ups
    - Fix calculation of hash table size
    - Fix header structure alignment
    - Use stand list_... for cr_pgarr

    [2008-Aug-29] v3:
    - Various fixes and clean-ups
    - Use standard hlist_... for hash table
    - Better use of standard kmalloc/kfree

    [2008-Aug-20] v2:
    - Added Dump and restore of open files (regular and directories)
    - Added basic handling of shared objects, and improve handling of
    'parent tag' concept
    - Added documentation
    - Improved ABI, 64bit padding for image data
    - Improved locking when saving/restoring memory
    - Added UTS information to header (release, version, machine)
    - Cleanup extraction of filename from a file pointer
    - Refactor to allow easier reviewing
    - Remove requirement for CAPS_SYS_ADMIN until we come up with a
    security policy (this means that file restore may fail)
    - Other cleanup and response to comments for v1

    [2008-Jul-29] v1:
    - Initial version: support a single task with address space of only
    private anonymous or file-mapped VMAs; syscalls ignore pid/crid
    argument and act on current process.

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