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Subjectx86 - Boot hangs at Calibrating delay loop on AMD SC520
I now have U-Boot booting 2.6.33 (abandoned 32-bit Boot Protocol and got a
pseudo BIOS working)

During boot I was getting a warning at arch/x86/kernel/rtc.c:125 and the
kernel hung at Calibrating delay loop... Also, all boot messages have a
zero time-stamp.

I have tried a kernel and get the same freeze calibrating the
delay loop.

I have tried with and without the AMD Elan Extended (non-PC) x86 platform

I first assumed that the RTC is not working - I wasn't initially doing
anything relating to the SC520 RTC in U-Boot. I have added initialisation
code (as per the ÉlanTMSC520 Microcontroller User’s Manual Order #22004B)
and confirmed that the RTC is working in the SC520.

If traced back how the delay loop is performed and that has led me to
arch/x86/lib/delay.c where I promptly got very lost.

Any ideas?

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