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SubjectRe: [PATCH] base firmware: Fix BUG from sysfs attributes change in commit a2db6842873c8e5a70652f278d469128cb52db70

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> It also only affects those fairly rare lockdep users as well, and the only
> affect is to throw a nasty warning message. Isn't lockdep all about throwing
> nasty warning messages?

Hmm. The report has that "BUG: " message in it (and in the subject line),
but you're right - it ends up being just a warning, not actually a real
BUG() (which is a machine killer).

So yeah - it's not as bad as I thought. Sorry.

[ And that "BUG:" in turn seems to be due to Ingo for some reason wanting
to confuse BUG_ON() messages (which have that "BUG: " prefix thing) with
whatever warning conditions he adds.

Our warnings used to have that bug too (see commit 8f53b6fcc4: "Don't
call a warnign a bug. It's a warning.").

Ingo: can we agree to not put "BUG: " messages in warnings, ok? It may
be a bug (lower-case) that triggers them, but that whole "BUG()" thing
has it's own semantics with rather more serious consequences than some
warning that lets things continue.

So I - and I suspect others - react rather more strongly to "BUG:" than
to "WARNING:" or to just some regular innocuous message without the
associations of the machine likely being dead as a result. ]


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