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    SubjectRe: bit errors on spitz
    Andy Green wrote:

    > In that case is the PXA CF driver PIO? Then it can be the same load on
    > Vcore issue in disguise.

    There is a proprietary ASIC chip (Sharp Scoop) that handles CF and HDD
    access (and also several additional GPIOs):

    The ASIC runs in dual power mode. HVDD is powered from the 3.3V
    dedicated to CF resp. HDD power supply (both may be turned off by the
    kernel), LVDD is shared with CPU 3.3V (it is always on).

    It seems that there are no other chips connected to the VCC_PLL,

    VCC_DRAM is the same 3.3V ans CPU ans ASIC LVDD and also the same as
    flash power and flash driver CPLD:

    Stanislav Brabec

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