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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] char drivers: Ram oops/panic logger
    2010/3/10 Marco Stornelli <>:
    > 2010/3/10 Yuasa Yoichi <>:
    >> Hi,
    >> 2010/3/10 Marco Stornelli <>:
    >>> Ramoops, like mtdoops, can log oops/panic information but in RAM.
    >> What is different from mtdoops + mtd-ram?
    >> Yoichi
    > It can be used in a very easy way with persistent RAM for systems
    > without flash support. For this systems, with this driver, it's no
    > more needed add to the kernel the mtd subsystem with advantage in
    > footprint as I said in the description.


    > In addition, you can save
    > flash space and store this information only in RAM. I think it's very
    > useful for embedded systems.

    CONFIG_MTD_RAM uses only RAM.
    I think there's no big difference about this point.


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