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    SubjectRE: [E1000-devel] New thread: page allocation failure with E1000 (seems to be reproducible)
    Richard Hartmann wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > this is a re-send of my original email to It
    > includes all information at once and is sent to LKML as well. I am
    > CC'ing Andrew Pochinsky because is
    > related.
    > I deployed Bacula storage director (i.e. a backup target) on a machine
    > which has been running in test mode for some time, now. This past
    > night
    > is the first one in which it received significant traffic from several
    > other machines, 62 in total.
    > My host has four Intel E1000 which are bonded into one virtual
    > interface. The other side is a Cisco 6500.
    > At 00:00, at a peak rate of 1.2 Gbit/s, I had ten(!) page allocation
    > failures within seconds:

    Can you post your kernel config?


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