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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Restrict stack space reservation to rlimit


    > I didn't discuss which behavior is better. Michael said he want to apply
    > his patch to 2.6.32 & 2.6.33. stable tree never accept the breaking
    > compatibility patch.
    > Your answer doesn't explain why can't we wait it until next merge window.
    > btw, personally, I like page size indepent stack size. but I'm not sure
    > why making stack size independency is related to bug fix.

    OK sorry, I misunderstood your initial mail. I agree fixing the bit that
    regressed in 2.6.32 is the most important thing. The difference in page size is
    clearly wrong but since it isn't a regression we could probably live with it
    until 2.6.34


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