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    SubjectRe: reiserfs deadlock
    On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 04:46:38AM +0300, Alexander Beregalov wrote:
    > Hi Frederic
    > Does it help?

    Nope :-S

    I need the full stracktraces. Plus the fact a thread holds
    the reiserfs lock doesn't help much in this regard. This
    is a drawback of lockdep: "holding" a lock in such lock dump
    means either: the task holds the lock _or_ the task requests the
    lock and block on it.

    The only way to determine if a task really holds the reiserfs
    lock is to look at the stack trace and see if it blocks on
    reiserfs_write_lock_*() or something else. If this is something
    else, then it means it really holds it, and there are fair
    chances this is exactly the stacktrace we want: the one that
    raised the softlockup.


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