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SubjectRe: inodes: Support generic defragmentation
On Thu, 4 Feb 2010, Nick Piggin wrote:

> Well what I described is to do the slab pinning from the reclaim path
> (rather than from slab calling into the subsystem). All slab locking
> basically "innermost", so you can pretty much poke the slab layer as
> much as you like from the subsystem.

Reclaim/defrag is called from the reclaim path (of the VM). We could
enable a call from the fs reclaim code into the slab. But how would this

> After that, LRU on slabs should be fairly easy. Slab could provide a
> private per-slab pointer for example that is managed by the caller.
> Subsystem can then call into slab to find the objects.

Sure with some minor changes we could have a call that is giving you the
list of neighboring objects in a slab, while locking it? Then you can look
at the objects and decide which ones can be tossed and then do another
call to release the objects and unlock the slab.

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