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SubjectRe: mdadm software raid + ext4, capped at ~350MiB/s limitation/bug?

On Sun, 28 Feb 2010, Mike Snitzer wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 4:45 AM, Justin Piszcz <> wrote:

[ .. ]

> How did you format the ext3 and ext4 filesystems?
> Did you use mkfs.ext[34] -E stride and stripe-width accordingly?
> AFAIK even older versions of mkfs.xfs will probe for this info but
> older mkfs.ext[34] won't (though new versions of mkfs.ext[34] will,
> using the Linux "topology" info).

Yes and it did not make any difference:

Incase anyone else wants to try too, you can calculate by hand, or if you
are in a hurry, I found this useful:

I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with ext4 when performing
large sequential I/O when writing, esp. after Ted's comments.


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